Toilet Problems


There are some common toilet issues that can be fixed by doing it your self. Below are some common issues along with their solutions.  

If you require extra help, call Dave's Plumbing and one of our team will talk you through the solution over the phone. 


To maintain your toilet and keep it in good running order, you must ensure that toilet paper is the only product that goes into the toilet. Wipes will clog the toilet, as will paper towel and hygine products. This may not happen right away however overtime a blockage will occur. 

Blocked or Clogged Toilet

If your toilet is blocked, you flush the toilet and the waste does not flush away, you will need to check for foreign objects that could be blocking the toilet particularly if you have toddlers who may like to drop things into the toilet.

If your concerned that the toilet will overflow, turn the isolation off located inside the cistern to the toilet, this will stop any more water entering the bowl. 

Once you have checked for obstruction you can try plunging the toilet using a 100mm Round Head Plunger - Master Plunger can pick these up for around $33 from your local Reece or Bunnings store.

No Water in the Cistern

If the water in the cistern is not filling up and there is no water to flush away the waste a temorary solution is to take the lid off the cistern and fill it with water using a bucket, this will at least keep your toilet working until a plumber can arrive.


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