Sink Problems


There are some common sink issues that can be fixed by doing it your self. Below are some common issues along with their solutions.  If you require extra help, call Dave's Plumbing and one of our team will talk you through the solution over the phone. 


To maintain your sink try keeping any foreign substances out of the sink. Sinks can build up residue over time until eventually it will clog. To prevent leaking taps be cautious of how tightly you turn off your tap, a quarter turn is all it should need, if you are turning your tap more that this the washers will wear or break and you will have a leak. 

Bathroom Sink

In the bathroom common problems occur when hair and soap residue gets trapped in the s bend of the pipe, often this is not preventable however you can clean the hair out regularly by  removing the S bend pipe under the sink. There are two points that need to be unscrewed to remove the bend. Once removed (wear rubber gloves) you can pull out any hair that is obstructing the sink.  Once this is done, put the pipe back together and use a vinegar and bi-carb soda solution to erode any residue. 


Kitchen Sink

As with the bathroom sink the only substance that should go down the Kitchen Sink is water, oil from a roast, or any food scraps that are often rinsed off plates into the sink will eventually cause a block, to prevent these, allow hot oil and fat to cool down and pour into a container for disposal, scrape plates off into the bin before rinsing. If you are experiencing a clogged drain however you can try the following solutions.

Leaking Taps

Overtime washers wear out and this causes taps to leak. 


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