Roofing, Gutters & Downpipes

The snake that could have bitten me

I had a call from Ben about a leaking roof.

It was a big job and it was going to take a few days. I replaced one side of the roof the gutters and the downpipes. 

Then the rain came and I had to wait until it stopped to complete the job. Ben called and said that the new downpipe wasn’t working.

‘In what way?’ I asked it. ‘The water isn’t coming out he said’

It was pouring with rain, so I agreed to go and have a look as soon as the rain stopped. Sometimes this happens if the drain is blocked with leaves, the gutters need to be cleaned regularly.

But it couldn’t be blocked because the pipes & gutters were new. By that afternoon the rain had stopped I got onto the roof and saw something very unusual.

The pipe was blocked, there was a large snake in the pipe blocking the water flow. We called the ranger right away who came and took the snake away.