Cooking with Gas

Could it be the switch?

I was called by Sue late on a Friday afternoon, her Gas cooktop had stopped working.

'It is an emergency’ she said, ‘I am having guests for dinner and I need to use my cooktop’

I arranged to go past Sue’s house on my way home from another job. 

Sue told me over the phone that she could ignite the flame with a lighter clicker however the flame kept going out and will not stay alight.

I knew right away that it must be the Thermacouple, so I went past Reece Plumbing Store to pick up a new Thermocouple.

Once I arrived at site and introduced myself to Sue I conducted a menometer check, this is something I do before starting any Gas work to ensure there is no major problems with the Gas in the house. My menometer showed that there was no drop in pressure that indicated no gas leaks, however the gas pressure was set too high for the system and appliances, so I adjusted the gas regulator to the correct pressure of 2.75kpa.  I replaced the Thermocouple and the flame now lit and stayed alight.

I did a gas service and jet clean.

Because Sue was using a clicker to light the flame rather than the ignition on the cooktop, I investigated further as to why she was using this method, she said that the cooktop ignition had never worked. I checked the power point to the cooktop and noticed that it was not switched on. With the new thermocouple and the switch turned on Sue was cooking with gas and ready to entertain.